Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Of poise and performance FORD FIESTA

Posted by Vishnureddy at 2:29 PM

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Ford couldn’t have better timing for the
launch of their new Fiesta. The latest
Hyundai Verna and Volkswagen Vento
have already seen great success, so it was
imperative that Ford came up with a potent
competitor sooner rather than later. And potent
the Fiesta certainly is, so much so that the car
might have just upped the ante in the upper
midsize segment.
If the new Fiesta looked into a large mirror it
would probably give itself a big-headed smirk.
It wouldn’t all be arrogance though, since the
car is really quite pleasant on the eyes. Ford’s
new Kinetic Design ideology is seen much more
prominently, especially when viewed front-on,
possibly its best visual angle. An oversize trapezoidal
lower grille and
large swept-back headlamps
give the car a
prominent stance. Styling
downsides are the unnecessarily
high boot that
seems like a last-minute
add-on and an overly-distanced
shoulder line to the
wheel arches, making the
wheels look a trifle small.
However, that’s just nitpicking.
We’ve grown to love the driving dynamics of
Fords; the new Fiesta stays in character. The car
has a superb ride quality that soaks in road
undulations like an asphalt sponge, and doesn’t
float around even at high speed. Its handling is
something you should write home about; you
can point and shoot around curve apexes with
the precision of a sniper rifle.
The new Fiesta comes with two engine
options, a petrol and diesel, both with 1.5-litre
capacities. While this car unfortunately doesn’t
have the performance of the older Fiesta
Classic, they should suffice for the average driver.
The petrol produces a reasonable 108 BHP,
while its diesel sibling develops 88 BHP.                             
However, superb fuel efficiency for both motors
is the result of the power compromise, with the
petrol and diesel offering a claimed 17kmpl and
23.5kmpl respectively.
You also get a lot of car for the money, with
ABS, EBD, cruise control, and dual airbags as
standard. While boot capacity and interior space
are slightly tight, it should suffice the average

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