Monday, July 11, 2011

PC Speed Maximizer

Posted by Anonymous at 10:12 PM

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PC Speed Maximizer

Everyone dreads a slow computer. Let PC Speed Maximizer zap issues before they become a problem.

PC Speed Maximizer is one of many PC optimization tools currently on the market. Like its competitors, it works by scanning your computer for problems, listing them and presenting you with the option of fixing them, hopefully before they begin to slow down your computer.

PC Speed Maximizer's interface is simple to use and intuitive. It presents scan and repair options clearly, naming and listing everything so it is easy to see exactly what is happening. It also offers a large range of scan options, from cleaning the registry to clearing junk files and eliminating invalid short cuts, and quickly fixes any problems it does find.

Unfortunately, the option to fix these problems is only available with the paid version - the trial version just lets you know that your computer is crawling with errors; it doesn't actually let you do anything about it. Even if you are using the paid version, PC Speed Maximizer is buggy, stalling and freezing for no apparent reason. The scans themselves are slow, don't indicate how long they are likely to take, and don't show you areas that have already been scanned.

PC Speed Maximizer's trial version is too limited to be of use, while the paid version leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Large range of scans
  • Scan options very clearly explained
  • Trial version very limited
  • A bit buggy
  • Scans are slow
  • No warnings before deleting possibly important files
  • No prompt or instructions to create a log


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