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ROLLTOP is 4 in 1 package which replaces the laptop in upcoming years.

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Rolltop, is a computing device that can be used as a laptop, tablet, eReader and even as a TV. Rolltop has outstanding configuration but it is too far from reality. Rolltop has two major components. They are

1. Flexible OLED display – The device sports a flexible OLED display which can be used as a 17” flatscreen display when it is rolled out and also as a notebook or tablet when it is folded. Keyboard are integrated into the small portion of display and rest can be used as a display.

2. Tower - The flexible OLED display is rolled up on the tower which includes the power adapter, webcam, speaker and USB interface.

rolltop-3_thumb[4] Laptop with its flexible screen rolled up on the tower is called Rolltop which was developed by Orkin Design. Rolltop has all the features of laptop and more.

Laptop, is a device which equally has the configuration like computer that you can carry to everywhere without any strain at your back. These laptops can be accessed for several hours without any external power and what you need is to charge your laptops regularly in order to access it.

Size: Mostly laptop ranges from a 10 inch to 20 inch display.

Power: Laptop has been created with low power when compared to desktop.

Display: They are available in ranges from 1280x800 to 1920x1080 display.

Battery: Battery can withstand maximum up to 10 hours.

Storage: Hard drives are smaller when compared to desktop and speed varies from its performance such as 4500, 5400 and 7200 RPMs.

ROLLTOP is 4 in 1 package which replaces the laptop in upcoming years.

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