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Android based Smartphones comes with Widget support and there are so many good ones we have covered earlier in different categories. Clock widgets are a must have for any stylish Smartphone screen to make it even more eye catchy.
After proper analysis we have come up with 6 android clock widgets that you can install and use. These are most installed and high rated widgets in android market, so you can choose from these based on your screen looks and style you want.

1. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets 330x550 6 Best Android Clock Widget
With over 500K installs and being chosen as Editor’s choice in Android Market, this one takes the lead in all the available clock widgets. This widget shows clock in different formats and also weather related information. So if you are looking for a combo widget with clock and weather information, this one will suit you perfectly.
It requires Android 1.6 and up and it’s size is 3.2 MB. The only drawback is that it’s not free and there are so many free widgets available that you won’t feel like paying for it.

2. Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget 6 Best Android Clock Widget
This is the best free clock widget with over million installations. It works on Android 1.5 and up and its size is only 16 Kb. It is based on the classic mechanical flipping clock and looks very stylish. It also provide shortcut to Alarm and Calendar features.

3. Digital Clock Widget

digital Clock Widget 6 Best Android Clock Widget
If you have seen iPhone unlock screen digital clock and liked it, then you can get similar kind of feeling on your android device with this widget. The digital clock looks great and similar to that of iPhone. You can set different color and background for the widget. It works on Android 2.5 and up and its size is 167 Kb only.

4. DigiWatch Widget

DigiWatch Widget 6 Best Android Clock Widget
A simple and free digital clock widget that works on Android 1.5 and up. The best thing I liked about this widget is that it doesn’t eat up all the screen space.

5. SiMi Clock Widget

Simi Clock Widget 330x550 6 Best Android Clock Widget
A simple and minimal feature clock widget with different options to display. It requires Android 2.1 and up and you can chose text size and color. Also there are format defined for the display that you can chose.

6. Clockr

Clockr 6 Best Android Clock Widget
All the clock widgets display time and date in numbers but this one display it in text format. So if you like to have unique things, you can install and use this widget to show date and time in text format.
If we missed any cool android clock widget, we want you to let us know via comments. We would love to cover them here.

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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