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Travel is the best way to widen your horizons and experience different cultures, cuisines, places, people and sights. However, with travel comes several challenges.
While it costs a lot of money, visiting a foreign place also requires you to be able to speak foreign languages. But, unfortunately, most Indians are not very good with foreign languages. I can’t help with the costs, but I can help you speak and understand foreign languages in foreign places. And that too without having to go
through the cumbersome exercise of joining any language classes! Now, isn’t that great? Imagine that while travelling through Spain you are lost in a random village and want to ask for directions, but, unfortunately, people that you meet do not speak English. What would you do? Or imagine that you walk into this fantastic Tapas restaurant and want to order food but none of the waiters speak English and even the menu is not in English! What would you do?Well, if you own an Android phone then this barrier shouldn’t be too difficult to cross. All you have to do is install a simple application called Talk to Me. It is available as a free download
and is a real-time foreign language speech-to-speech translator. It can translate English to 40 different foreign languages and viceversa instantly!  So next time you are lost in a foreign land or find yourself clueless in a foreign restaurant, start
the Talk to Me app on your Android phone, choose the language that you want to translate to and then speak into the phone in English and within a few seconds, it will translate and speak back whatever you spoke in English into the foreign language of your choice. Either you can let the foreigner that you are trying to speak to hear the translated text or make them read it. It is also possible to send the translated voice clip or text via email or text message to your friends.  Depending on which languages you are working with, Talk to Me can either do speech-to-speech translation, text-to-text translation and sometimes text-to-speech
translation.  The only restriction is that you have an Internet data plan enabled on your mobile phone or have access to a Wi-Fi network whenever you want to use the

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