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When it comes to gadgets and such other things Apple is probably the most popular company on the market. They have released one of the first personal computers and today they have released gadgets without which some people cannot live. I am talking about the iPod and the iPod Nano, the iPad and let us not forget about the iPhone. The iPhone is probably the most famous smart phone on the market up to this day. It was really well received since the first time it was released. The iPhone 3G got a lot of attention as well and the iPhone 4 basically blew away everybody! This cell phone allows you to use GPS tracking and location together will all sorts of applications. Let us not mention the really cool features that these cell phones have. Even if the iPhone 4 looks really cool and nothing is like it you should know that there have been rumors about an iPhone 5 that should be released. This new cell phone is supposed to have a lot of great features that will be way better than the ones of the iPhone 4 and any other smart phone! Features like iCloud, Nuance Voice Control and others have been said that will be present in the new iPhone 5.
The iCloud is just one of the new iPhone 5 features. It will allow the users of the iPhone 5 to store all their data in a virtual data cloud. This is pretty much just like cloud computing. You will be able to keep stuff in this virtual cloud and keep the memory of your iPhone 5 free. The best par about it is that the data will be safe from anybody and anything! The Nuance Voice Control is another one of the new iPhone 5 features. As you might have guessed it, you will be able to give voice commands to your iPhone 5 and get answers. These two iPhone 5 features will also be able to work together. For example, you will be able to give a command to your iPhone 5 with your voice to upload and download data that you have stored in the iCloud. These new iPhone 5 features will surely make this upcoming smart phone really popular.
If you will want to know where the closest cinema is and what movie it is rolling then you will just have to ask your iPhone 5 and you will get an answer!

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