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Windows Mobile Games Free for download from these 10 websites attractive and intresting

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Download Windows Mobile Games Free from these 10 websites

Windows Mobile Games doesn’t have a central place to download and use like App Store from Apple and Android Market. Its one of the biggest setback for it in comparison to other Mobile OS like iOS and Android. However, since Windows Mobile OS is the oldest one and still getting used by a lot of mobiles, there are so many dedicated websites where you can download the games for free or even buy them for some money.
Here I am covering some of the famous and trusted websites for downloading Windows Mobile Games.
1. AstraWare
Astraware 550x253 Download Windows Mobile Games Free from these 10 websites
They have games for all the operating system including Windows Mobile OS. Some of their famous games are Astraware Casino, Bejeweled 2, Bookworm and Tetris. These are very famous games and they have gained a lot of popularity among the mobile users. However some of these are not free and costs nearly 10 USD.
2. WindowsMobileSoft
This is the place to be if you are looking for Freeware games and softwares. They are dedicated to Windows Mobile and have a huge collection of apps (almost 20,000). The apps are categorized in a very neat way that helps a lot in navigating through them.
3. FreewarePocketPC
They have nearly 4500 apps and games and good news is that they all are Free!! So if you don’t want to spend money and get some cool apps and games then you can have a look here. Some of their famous games are Pocket Uno, PocketMan, Touchtris, Realms and Death Drive.
4. FreewarePPC
This is one of the oldest website dedicated for Windows Mobile Apps. They got a huge collection of games but it becomes hard to find the best ones. They are missing Favorites or Most downloaded section for easy navigation. If you know the name of game, then you can search it and get it.
5. PocketPCFreeware
This is one of the neat and clean websites for Windows Mobile apps. They have categorized it well and you can sort them in order of rating to get the best ones first without any hassle. They are free and there are thousands of them to look after. Some of their famous games are Pocket Quake, Doom, Warring States and 7 Colors.
6. MobilClub
At MobilClub you can download free games, softwares, themes and wallpapers for windows mobile. Some of their famous games are Overtaker 3D, NFS Hot Pursuit 3D and RUSH Road Speed Ultimate Hunt.
7. WM6Software
If you have Windows 6 OS then you can check out some of their games and apps. Their most popular games are Ultimate Sudoku and Bejeweled.
8. GetJar
Its one of the biggest websites for Windows Mobile games. Some of their best games are Angry Birds Reo and Stage Hero.
9. PDATopSoft
Their popular games are Billiard Master, Intelli Chess, Pacman and Amazing Mahjongg
10. 4Pockets
Their popular games are Super Sid, WordPlay and Marble Worlds 2.
There are so many other websites also for Windows Mobile games but these are the best ones and most of the popular games can be found here. However it will take some time to search the best one but for the start you can try out the ones mentioned here.

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