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ASIMO Robot Appears In Jakarta Motorcycle Show

ASIMO Robot Appears In Jakarta Motorcycle Show
PT Astra Honda Motor (or AHM ) has just showcased both production model, concept of their motorcycles and also the newest version of ASIMO robot during Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2008 event. The Advance Step in Innovative Mobility ( or ASIMO ) version 2.0 having some ability which never found on the first one, such as able to run, find its way around obstacles as well as interact with journalist. Asimo has improved in other ways too, increasing his walking speed, from 1.6km/h to 2.5km, growing 10cm to 130cm and putting on 2kg in weight. The ASIMO itself was introduced in Indonesia on Juli at the 2008 Indonesia International Motor Show by Honda Prospect Motor as the agency of Honda in Indonesia.

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