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Gear from E3 Gaming Expo,Sony PlayStation 3D Display,Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Controller

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For years, the E3 conference has been widely regarded as the best place to get a handle on what’s coming up for games in the short future, as well as gaming hardware, and technical wizardry. And this year’s event promises some serious surprises for gamers and technophiles alike. We’re taking a look at some of the coolest gear to be announced at E3 in this round up starting with a couple of gadgets from Sony.

Sony PlayStation 3D Display

Sony’s PlayStation is arguably the most advanced gaming console around, so pairing the machine with a standard television is like strapping an Alienware PC to an old 17 inch CRT monitor. So, if you want to get the most out of your PlayStation, you’re going to have to spring for Sony’s own branded 3D Display.

E3 Gaming Expo

Revealed at E3, the Sony PlayStation 3D Display is a fully stereoscopic 24 inch LED LCD display (which comes complete with required glasses) which will take your games to new heights of beauty and emersion. It, of course, supports full HD (1080p) and is the product of two years of development and a lot of secretive “backroom” deals between the tech giant and the suppliers but you don’t have to wait anymore.
The display was designed to allow a full 3D experience with minimal ghosting. The screen will even allow two players to engage in the 3D goodness, showing two 3D images on screen at once. However, it is important to keep in mind that the display will not convert “normal” PS3 games to 3D. It only works with games that are 3D capable. However, the display will work with non-3D games as well if you don’t mind a 2D (simulated 3D) experience.
As far as spec’s go, the display has a 5000:1 contrast ratio and a 240Hz refresh rate (standard PC Monitor refresh rates are around 60Hz) coupled with a 176 degree viewing angle.
The price tag on this beast is pretty impressive. At just under $500 the display is much cheaper than buying a new 3D television. However, some folks who have already had a hands-on with the machine say that the coloring appears to be a bit off when in full 3D mode.
Rumor has it those early adopters of the PlayStation display will receive a copy of Resistance 3 with their purchase—which, as you may know, does not debut until later this fall.

PlayStation Vita

In other news from Sony, the PlayStation Vita (formerly identified as the Sony NGP—Next Generation Portable) finally has a price point.
PlayStation Vita
The handheld gaming system, like its console big brother, is one of the most advanced on the market. It will have dual analog thumbsticks, six-axis motion sensors, front and rear facing cameras, an OLED touch screen, a touchpad on the reverse—all tucked into a tiny little device that fits in the palms of your hands.
Internally, the specs will make the device the most powerful portable gaming system around and gamers will rejoice with “hardcore” titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and LittleBigPlanet.
However, the real news now is the pricing. The PlayStation Vita will be available in two models, a 3G version and a WiFi only version. The WiFi only model will run around $250 while its cellular cousin will cost $300. The 3G version will only be available through AT&T (because that worked so well for Apple) and will (most likely) require a contract or an upgrade to an existing contract.
These price points put the Vita within striking distance of Nintendo’s own portable gaming devices (the Nintendo DS and 3DS) and will likely take a good chunk out of the gaming giant’s wallet.

Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Controller

I’m not a Sony Fanboy by any means and Microsoft’s Xbox is no slouch when it comes to the gaming world. While not as versatile as the PlayStation (in some respects) the console is getting some new gadgets all the same. One of the coolest is the new wireless racing wheel controller from Microsoft.
Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Controller
The Wireless Speed Wheel, as it is being called, is designed for driving games but unlike previous iterations of the racing wheel, this version is not only wireless but it’s also U shaped. This gives players more control over their controller and allows the manufacturer to place triggers on the underside allowing for a more natural “Xboxy” feel.
The device is equipped with a sort of “rumble pack” as well in order to give tactile feedback for a more authentic experience. The device also features a D-pad and the familiar four-button Xbox control scheme as well.
Most gaming wheels are hampered by ridiculous price tags but this Xbox Speed Wheel is going to retail for $60 when it hits retailers later this year.

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