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Imerj Dual Screen Android Smartpad,Nokia N950

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Phones aren’t just phones anymore and I’m okay with that. However, I’m not okay with everyone trying to copycat the iPhone and make a million dollars like they came up with the idea. That’s why, this time around, we’re looking at some of the coolest handhelds I’ve ever seen. The new Nokia N950 and the Dual-screen prototype from Imerj may not be available yet (or ever in the prototype’s case) but knowing that there are companies out there that are thinking out of the box is enough to get me excited.

Imerj Dual Screen Android Smartpad

If you behold this beast in its closed format you might think it’s just another mindless knock-off with nothing new to offer. Yes, the Imerj handheld does look like an iPhone but it is a horse of a different color if you ever saw one. That’s because the phone splits to reveal another touch screen making the device one of the smallest dual-screen smartpads around. That’s right, the two 4 inch WVGA AMOLED screens become one (almost).
Phones, Phones, Phones
The two screens can function individually or be used in unison—effectively converting them into a single 6-inch touch screen—with just a thin black line across the middle. The glass is gorilla glass (so you don’t have to worry about it breaking) and the hinge—a major point of contention for previous and current “folding” devices—is extremely solid and minimalistic.
The internals are a bit of a mystery but it does have a dual-core TI OMAP processor and a solid gigabyte of DDR3 RAM. The plans are for multiple versions with varying amounts of internal storage (though no SD slots for expansion) ranging from 32GB all the way up to 128GB—presumably with corresponding price tags.
The prototype currently runs on Android 2.3 but I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time this phone/smartpad makes it to production if you see an upgrade there.
The camera is situated right by the earpiece and is a 5 megapixel monster that should suffice for most average users. Video recording (mentioned in the specs but not functional at this time) will allow for 720P recording and playback.
While there are still a few things to be worked out, this device looks to be one of the coolest things I have seen in years.
Hit up the official Imerj website if you want more details.

Nokia N950

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I love Nokias. They’re just so . . . great. That’s why this N950 is absolutely terrific. It looks like a standard iPhoney thing until you realize there is a full QWERTY Keyboard hiding inside! And that keyboard, it’s rubberized.
Nokia N950
It’s also the latest MeeGo device (if you’re interested) but if you want one, you better line up now. The device isn’t even for sale yet but the planned distribution is limited—to say the least.
It will come equipped with a 4 inch TFT LCD screen and an 8 megapixel camera in addition to the obligatory Bluetooth and a 1320mAh battery. While that’s not exactly stellar, the futuristic look of the thing is rather amazing.
Instead of having a vaguely ovoid iPhoney shape, the N950 is all sleek angles and slick chrome—like a 1980’s sci-fi movie.
As excited as I am to see this, the N9 is actually a much better phone. Still, just getting a glimpse of this thing is enough to get me wondering what would have happened if Apple had designed to put a keyboard on the iPhone.

appBlaster iPhone Accessory

So, do you play a lot of games on your iPhone? Ever thought that your iPhone would look and play a whole lot better if it was strapped into a Wii-like peripheral that turned it into a gun? Me neither, but the folks at AppToyz have. They’ve recently launched the new appBlaster rifle-like peripheral for the iPhone.
appBlaster iPhone Accessory
Slap your handheld into one of these and it’s almost like you’re back in the arcade (not really). The “gun” uses two capacitive touchpads to tap the screen and “shoot.”
While I don’t ever see a market for this sort of thing, apptoyz has probably shot themselves in the foot by making this peripheral work only with their Alien Attack game (available in the App Store, of course).
Still, kids with iPod Touches might find an ingenious way to cram their gadgets in this thing and play with it for a few hours before they get bored.
If you want one of these monstrosities, hit up the company’s official website and shell out the 19 Pounds (roughly $30).

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