Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Replay XD Camera,review

Posted by Vishnureddy at 10:46 AM

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Replay XD Camera

The Replay XD is tiny and ultra lightweight but still manages to shoot in full 1080p HD format. In fact, the company claims it is the smallest and lightest camera available on the consumer market. Measuring in at just 1.1 inches by 2.6, it’s not hard to believe that claim.
Replay XD Camera
The camera itself is round, making it an easy carry for handheld shots, but the company was kind enough to throw in a huge variety of mounts and brackets, so you can put this little beast on just about anything from a helmet to a bicycle.
Even though the case is so small, it still sports an HDMI out port which is great for transferring your videos flawlessly. However, Replay did not throw in a complimentary HD cable like Contour did with the Plus.
One feature that does make this little camera stand out is its ability to utilize external audio sources. Plug in the adapter and you can use just about any type of microphone you want to get the best audio quality possible.
There’s no word on an official release date yet but when the camera does hit shelves, the kit will retail for $299 which includes a 4GB microSD card to stuff in the slot.

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