Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LG A530 and LG P420 Laptops

Posted by Vishnureddy at 10:25 AM

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Answering all those questions related to its absence, LG electronics makes an elegant comeback with the introduction of a series of laptops. Keeping its price range extremely competitive for everyone, the company introduced some exquisitely designed laptops.
LG A530
With the lowest price being around 26,000 and the highest around 67,000, the products could well be worth the investment. Other than its competitive price range, these products are sure to garner huge popularity due to their sleek and stylish appearance.
Among all these, one may get comparatively more popularity due its brilliant three-dimensional appearance. This product, the A530 happens to be one 3D notebook. Other than displaying content in a 3D environment, this notebook will also offer the advantageous features of three dimensional video chat options accompanied with recording feature.
It also comes with dual web cameras and features a three-dimensional LCD screen of around sixteen inches. The A350 features a powerful processor of Intel Core i5 with one NVIDIA GeForce GT540M. As can be noticed, LG A520 boasts everything except the dual web camera of A530.
Another product which may attract considerable number of people is the LG P420. This product comes with an even more attractive tagline of ‘Less is More’. Basic list of features of this product includes one high-quality processor of Intel Core i5. It comes with one of the comparatively more powerful memory of 8 GB DDR3. LGP420 has a wide screen of around fourteen inches.  Other than these products, this series comes with two other prominent notebook products of P430 and P530.

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