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5 Tips to Increase Battery Life in Android Phones

Posted by Vishnureddy at 11:01 AM

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5 Tips to Increase Battery Life in Android Phones

Larry Page, Google co-founder, once said that “If your Android phone’s battery doesn’t make it through the day, there’s “something wrong”.” But the problem is – many Android phones don’t last even for a day, discharging completely even before the evening. Is this problem familiar to you? Then let’s think what we can do to improve the battery life of our Android smartphones.

One of my phones is a Samsung Galaxy Ace – I bought it because I really liked its design. Though it’s a mid-range Android device, it has everything a modern smartphone user needs – a rather fast processor, a camera that takes decent pictures and videos, Wi-Fi, access to Android Market with its great apps… and a really nice design. The only shortcoming is the battery life – when I started using my Samsung Galaxy Ace, I discovered that the 1350mAH battery lasts for less than a day, and that’s a shame.
I began looking for some useful tips to increase the battery life of my smartphone. With the help of a number of forums and my own experience I managed to make my phone’s battery last for at least two days, though I talk on the phone for about 1-2 hours a day, listen to music during at least 2 hours, play Sudoku (one of my favorite apps from Android Market) for at least 30 minutes a day, surf the net sometimes and take pics almost every day.
Here are the tips I’m using to increase the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Ace. Maybe they’ll be useful for you, too, even if you’re an owner of another Android smartphone.

1. Not using some hardware components? Turn them off!

There are many “services” in Android-based smartphones that are usually on by default, and most of us don’t turn them off even if we’re not using them. Do you always need your phone’s Bluetooth on? Disable it if you’re not using it at the moment – it’s consuming much battery life! Is the Wi-Fi signal good in the area? Then why’re you leaving its maximum performance module on? GPS in standby mode won’t drain your battery life, of course, but why leave it on if you’re not using it? Disable all these services – and you’ll save a considerable amount of battery life.

2. Don’t need auto-sync and push-messages? Turn them off!

I usually check my email manually and do the same when I want to read weather forecasts or news, so I don’t really need auto-sync and the push-messages. If they’re not a must for you, too, disable them, or they’ll be consuming your battery’s life in vain.

3. Weak network signal? Disable the data pack!

A weak network signal consumes much battery life, since the phone’s always trying to search for a network or switch between GPRS/3G. So better disable the data pack (go to Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile network; uncheck “Packet data” and “Data Roaming”) – you’ll be able to turn it on when you need it.

4. Do you need a very bright screen? Better make it darker!

A brighter screen consumes much more power than a darker one (not to mention the fact that it’s hurting the eyes, too), so it’s a good idea to reduce the brightness of the screen as much as possible (Settings -> Display -> Brightness) or just set it to Automatic (if your smartphone has this option). Besides, just like in a PC, bright (and especially white) wallpapers consume more energy than dark ones. So if you want to save battery life for something more necessary, choose dark wallpapers. Also use static ones instead of live wallpapers.

5. Don’t need the open processes? Close them!

The processes of many apps and programs are left open after you close them (especially when you exit by pushing the Menu button), thus continuing to consume the battery life of your Android smartphone. Use the Task Manager or the Advanced Task Killer to kill all those processes.
If you follow all these tips, you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of battery life. As I’ve already mentioned above, my Samsung Galaxy Ace’s battery lasts for two-three days with the help of these tips. Two days are not bad for a 1350mAH battery, right?

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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