Wednesday, November 30, 2011

JNTU-KAKINADA : Revised Academic Calender for M.Tech & M.Pharmacy I & II Sem (2011 Admitted Batch)

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The proposed Academic Calendar for M.Tech (All Courses) & M. Pharmacy (All Courses) I and II Semesters (2011 Admitted Batch) is detailed below.

I Semester (2011 Admitted Batch)
Commencement of Class Work05-12-2011--
I Unit of Instructions07-12-201128-01-20128W
I Mid Examinations30-01-201204-02-20121W
II Unit of Instruction06-02-201231-03-20128W
II Mid Examination02-04-201207-04-20121W
Preparation & Practicals09-04-201214-04-20121W
End Examinations16-04-201228-04-20122W

II Semester (2011 Batch)
Commencement of Class Work30-04-2012--
I Unit of Instructions30-04-201212-05-20122W
Project & Preparation(Vacation)14-05-201216-06-20125W
I Unit of Instructions Continuation18-06-201228-07-20126W
I Mid Examinations30-07-201204-08-20121W
II Unit of Instructions06-08-201229-09-20128W
II Mid Examinations01-10-201206-10-20121W
Preparations & Practicals08-10-201213-10-20121W
End Examinations15-10-201227-10-20122W
Commencement of Project Work29-10-2012

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