Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nintendo 3DS is launched,3D without special glasses!

Posted by Vishnureddy at 9:43 AM

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3D without special glasses!

March 27th, NYC, Union Square – hundreds of persons throwing away their 3D glasses. The new Nintendo 3DS is launched. It’s the moment the entire world expected: improved 3D graphics which incorporates you right in the middle of the games you play, with no further need of the red-blue glasses.
The breakthrough is the stereoscopic 3D screen on the top of the device, which makes you “see“ how space (2D) extends in depth (3rd D).  This feature is full controllable, as the producer attached a 2D-to-3D button, with which the player can adjust the 3D effect. The second display is a touchscreen with million brilliant colors and it has 3 intuitive buttons for easily menu navigation while playing 3D games.  You can also browse the internet, download 3D videos, 3D movies or music.
Another new feature is the Analogic Control – Circle Pad, a 360-degree analog input.
The 3D effect is improved with the three added cameras:
1. One is inner facing and enables you to insert your own photos in games
2. Two are out facing 3DS cameras, which you can use for shooting real 3D pictures.
For a complete 3D experience, Nintendo added motion and gyroscopic sensors, so movement is transposed in game. For 250$ you can have the Aqua Blue or Cosmo Black version, so Nintendo players – prepare for the real 3D!
Nintendo 3Ds OriginalNintendo 3ds Dead or alive screen

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