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5 Best Ways To Connect Your Laptop to TV

Posted by Ravva Vamsi at 11:27 PM

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Connect Laptop to Tv, yes there are so many reasons to connect your laptop to your TV. With this you can enjoy video games, web content, and photos like never before on your Large TV. You have lots of number of video clips and photos stored on your Laptop and PC that you’d like to see on a big screen. So to enjoy all these you have to connect your Laptop or PC to TV. There are so many ways which helps you to do so, but most of us don,t know about it.

So here we will explain you some of the best ways to Connect Laptop to Tv, It’s a very easy task. Here’s how to do it.

Here are the 5 Ways To Connect Laptop to TV

1. Connect with S-Video

S-Vidoe Cable to Connect Laptop to TV
S-Video (Super Video) port is found on most of the laptops with TV-out functions, and can connect your laptop to both analogue and digital TVs. It was one of the an easy option to all laptop user to use an S-Video cable to connect your Laptop to Television. Most PCs and digital televisions are equipped with an S-Video port.

2. Connect with DVI

DVI Cable to Connect Laptop to TV
DVI means “Digital Video Interface” and most of the laptops have DVI port. And also all new TV models has the DVI port, so its easy to connect your Laptop to your television with DVI cable. If you wish to use audio with a DVI connection you must use a seperate audio cable.

3. Connect with VGA

VGA Cable to Connect Laptop to TV

Most laptops offer a VGA output, and if you have an older HDTV, try a VGA cable. Which give you better picture quality and works with both Macs and PCs. To connect, turn off your laptop and your TV and then connect the VGS cables with both. After this turn them on and your laptop is connected with you TV.

4. Connect with HDMI
HDMI Cable to Connect Laptop to TV

HDMI or “High Definition Multimedia Interface” is the one of the best way to connect laptop, PC to TV. It give you one of the best highest quality connection. And these days all the HDTV has the HDMI port. HDMI supports HD resolutions, and carries both audio and video signals in a single cable. And one of the easiest and best way to connect laptop to TV.

5. Connect with Wireless Converter
Connect with Wireless Converter

Another option is go wireless, with wireless converter you can connect your Notebook, laptop or PC with TV. With this you can enjoy any content from your notebook or PC wirelessly to an HDTV in 1080p full high definition. Warpia StreamHD VE Edition Wireless PC to TV Full 1080P is one of the best that we recommend to all users who want to connect there laptop with TV.

Now after getting connect with these cables all you have to do is adjust display settings of your laptop. TO do this right-click the desktop and select Screen Resolution to detect and select your TV’s display. Now go to your TV and click your TV’s video source, usually called “input” or “TV/Video” on your remote. Thats it now select the mode from which you are connected.

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