Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 in 1 Connector Kit for Ipad

Posted by K.NAVNEETHA RAO at 8:32 AM

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad! I take it with me everywhere and I use it for just about everything, an address book, appointment calendar, Internet searching, entertainment… I wanted to put pictures on it, but that required a special dongle thingy. Hey, come to think of it there’s quite a few things my iPad could do, things it probably should do.
 So now what? Funny you should ask, you’re probably already puzzled as to why there’s no SD card slot, there’s no way to connect your camera without buying the Apple dongle thingy, there’s no USB port for charging, there’s no data port for external devices, you ARE asking yourself why, are you not? Well, with the 5-in-1 connection kit you still wont know why, but it simply wont matter anymore.
The kit includes a singular iPad (original and 2) compatible dongle that supports iOS 4.0 or better, and allows you to connect your iPad to a TV for video playback, utilize an SD card for data transfer, a computer for data sync and a keyboard for data input and DC for picture and video input.
Of course with your iPad being more of a “reader” of graphics files not everything you plug into the sucker will do what you want it to, and the manufacturer also suggests that you don’t plug in more than one thing at a time
So admittedly your trusty little iPad will still not be perfect, but it’ll be just a little bit closer and do a few more of the things you always hoped for. Isn’t that nice? The 5 in 1 Connector Kit is available from  for under 40 bucks.


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