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Create Custom Google Chrome themes Now!!

Posted by Ravva Vamsi at 1:05 PM

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There are tons of Google Chrome themes and Chrome Addons are available in the Chrome Web store. If you want to create your own Google Chrome theme and personalize them. Now you can do this with My Chrome Theme app. With the help if this app chromes users can make and share their own themes easily.

My Chrome Theme is one of the simplest app foe chrome users to customize Chrome’s appearance, such as the background image and tab colors. To create a theme you only need a beautiful wallpaper or image to use as the background of your chrome theme. If you don’t have any image ready, you can use your Webcam to create your theme.

Follow these steps To create custom Google Chrome themes

1. Open your Chrome browser and install the My Chrome Theme app from chrome web store on your browser.
2. After the installation double click and launch the app from the new tab of your browser. Now you are ready to create your own Chrome themes by clicking a button labelled “Start Making Theme”
3. Next step is Upload the image for your theme, if you don,t have any image you can click the pic from the webcam option. Once you uploaded the image, you can adjust the position of image or upload a new image.
4. Now it is time to add some color to other areas of your browser like tabs, background tab color, frame color and all.
5. That is all. Now give a name to your theme. After that you can install in directly or you can also share the theme with your friends. You can opt both.

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