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Electronics Component Tester Project Report

Posted by Ravva Vamsi at 11:35 PM

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The main objective of this paper is to design a device which can test the electronic components accurately. In this paper we will discuss the testing of electronic components and how to repair them. A multi meter like device is designed by using a 8051 micro controller. By using this we cannot know the operational parameters of the device but we know only whether the device is working or not.

Micro controller working:

We will select an AT89C52 microcontroller which comes under the family of 8051. It is an low power and high performance 8 bit cmos microcontroller. The special feature of this microcontroller is that it has 8kb of internal flash memory which is not available in most of the microcontrollers. It is a powerful and highly flexible for the design of embedded control applications. It is a 40 pin device in which 32 pins can be used for input and output purpose and it has 256 bytes of ram. It has idle mode which halts the normal execution and allows the interrupt to continue execution.

Testing process:

An IC555 timer is used to generate a pulse which is used for testing the electronic component. The pulse is fed to the input line of the micro controller. A control unit is present in the circuit so as to adjust the pulse frequencies accordingly. At the output line of the micro controller we connect the electronic components to check its working. We can see the output values in the led. By using this device we can check the working of transistors and diodes. The present available multi meters have only specific capability of checking only diodes or transistors. We cannot know the operational parameters of the components so cannot know at what point of value the component cannot work in the circuit. Thus we can conclude that this device is high performance capable and low cost when compare to that of available multi meters.

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