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Neck To Neck On Race Fiat Linea,Honda City,Verna ,Volkswagen Vento,C Segment Class

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Fiat Linea,Honda City,Verna ,Volkswagen Vento,C Segment Class Saloon Veichles Are Neck To Neck On Race

  Aferocious battle is being waged in India's uppe C’ or A3 segment of compact saloons that are roughly 4.5 metre long. The 118 HP 1500 cc petrol-powered Honda City had ruled the segment for many years and retained leadership with a series of timely upgrades over the past decade. It offers 4 models at prices between `9.14 lakh and `10.97 lakh for the automatic
model. It’s being challenged by many excellent new cars that diesel engines as well. As Honda does not yet have a suitable diesel engine it has slashed prices to retain respectable sales volumes. Here is a quick comparison to guide the perplexed: Fiat Linea offers 6 petrol and 4 diesel options in a price range between `7.35 and 10.14 lakhs powered by 88 and 91 HP engines. It’s a very classy looking car but slightly underpowered for those who want performance. Ford’s Fusion that has just been launched is another truly beautiful car with two excellent 1500 cc petrol and diesel engines delivering
109 and 90 HP respectively promising class leading fuel consumption.

They offer many new features including voice activated controls in 8 models in a price range between `8.23 lakh and 10.27 lakh. Though expensive all the models offer airbags and ABSbrakes that are not found in the cheaper competitive models. But the very competent old model Fiesta now called FiestaClassic remains a good choice for those on budgets.’s new Verna is another smashing looking saloon. It offers a huge choice of 10 models with 4 engines between 88 and 126 HP. 2 1400 cc diesels, 2 diesels of 1600cc, 2 petrol units of 1400 cc and 2 petrol units of 1600 cc in a wide price range between `7.80 lakh and `11.48 lakh plus an automatic model at `12.27 lakh. Maruti SX4 offers 6 options of 21248 cc diesels and 4 1600 cc
petrol saloons delivering 90 and 103 HP respectively at pricesbetween `7.84 lakh and `9.68 lakh.
Volkswagen Vento offers 4 petrol and 2 diesel engines all of 1600 cc delivering 104 HP at
prices ranging from `8 lakh to `10.76 lakh. The writer is an automotive expert and the former editor of a national magazine.The C segment vehicles are in a neck and neck race to bag thenext walk-in
customer.Saloon class only, please Honda City Volkswagen Vento.


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