Monday, August 13, 2012

Pavilion dm4 notebook

Posted by K.NAVNEETHA RAO at 9:01 PM

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HP recently announced the launch of its Pavilion dm4 notebook and the Mini 210 netbook. The dm4 utilises an Intel® Core™ i5-2450M processor, and HP claims it’ll last up to seven hours on the move. This of course will vary, depending on
the usage. The laptop’s got a 14" LED-backlit display and will either use Intel’s integrated HD 3000 graphics or a 1GB AMD Radeon™ HD 7470M GPU. This isn’t a gaming laptop by any means, because at the resolution that the dm4 uses (1366x768), the 7470M is a touch weak. For all your storage needs,
there’s a 640GB HDD. They’ve also decided to include an option to use Intel’s Smart Response Technology (SRT). With a minimum thickness of an inch and weighing in at 2 kg, the dm4 has two subwoofers, a
webcam, a DVD burner, and a fingerprint reader. HP has also released a Beats edition of the dm4. This edition has the same specs as the regular model, except a redesign of the exterior that fits the theme of the Beats Audio™ brand (red and black). It’s apparently got a discrete amplifier and a dedicated audio
island to minimise electronic noise interference and boost the audio experience. The HP Mini 210 is an Intel®
Atom™ CPU-based netbook, weighing 1.4 kg and measuring less than an inch in thickness. It’s got a 10.1" display and the battery is capable of around 9.5 hrs of use. It’s “packed” with 1GB of RAM and a 180GB HDD. I, however, dislike the fact that the Atom processor in question is not of the current generation, and
that it c om e s w i t h the severely limited


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