Monday, August 27, 2012

Samsung vs Apple

Posted by K.NAVNEETHA RAO at 9:12 PM

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With Samsung having already issued a public statement following the $1 billion verdict against the company in its patent and trade dress dispute with Apple, the company has now published its internal memo to employees about the issue, noting that it will continue to fight on through all available means until it wins its case.

Certainly, we are very disappointed by the verdict at the US District Court for the Northern District of California (NDCA), and it is regrettable that the verdict has caused concern amongst our employees, as well as our loyal customers.

However, the judge’s final ruling remains, along with a number of other procedures. We will continue to do our utmost until our arguments have been accepted.

The statement also takes a direct stab at Apple in suggesting that it will be impossible to win the "hearts and minds of consumers" by focusing on patent law abuse rather than innovation, as it believes Apple has done.
History has shown there has yet to be a company that has won the hearts and minds of consumers and achieved continuous growth, when its primary means to competition has been the outright abuse of patent law, not the pursuit of innovation.

We trust that the consumers and the market will side with those who prioritize innovation over litigation, and we will prove this beyond doubt.
Reuters also notes that Samsung has filed a motion seeking to overturn the preliminary injunction barring U.S. sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung argues that the jury found no infringement of the design patent cited in the injunction, and thus it is also seeking compensation for the effects of the injunction in requesting that Apple's $2.6 million bond be held. Apple will be arguing that the jury was incorrect in its ruling of non-infringement and that Judge Lucy Koh should overrule that decision.


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