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Which is bestIphone over an Android

Posted by K.NAVNEETHA RAO at 8:24 AM

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The trend of carrying a smartphone is increasing nowadays as people are getting familiar with the remarkable benefits of the advancing technology. The two popular names in the smartphones include iPhone and Android based phones. If you are willing to purchase a new smartphone for the first time, then you should need to do a little research before making a final decision. Everyone wants to buy the best product for their use and therefore, it becomes important to compare the characteristics and features of the two products before investing your money in your smartphone.

Why would you choose iPhone over Android?
iPhone is the product of Apple while Android is the operating system developed by Google. Both being famous brands, people may get confused in selecting between the two products. However, by considering certain factors and reasons, Apple’s iPhone is selected over Google’s Android in this argument.
  1. Number of handsets – the operating system of Android is used in many handsets and one may get confused as more and more Android based products have launched in the market in just one year. It gets difficult for the users to select from the various products with the similar OS. On the other hand, Apple released its every product after 12 months getting a much better response for a device that fits the needs of all the users.
  1. User Interface – it is very important for a smartphone to have a responsive and friendly user interface and iPhone provide a guaranteed smooth user interface. Whether you are scrolling through phone numbers or replying to your emails, all the tasks can be done very smoothly. However, Android is not capable enough to provide a completely smooth user interface along with issues of multi touch and rotation lag that does not allow some games and applications.
  1. Update Issues – the products of Apple do not have compatibility issues and provide much easier support since they have produced few devices. However, there is a variety of hardware setups of Android phones that may contain operating system with outdated versions. It happens because 12 phones based on Android are released in a single year. Therefore, it may be possible that your smartphone may not be able to update.
  1. Problem of Malware – In 2011, malware became a very common problem for the users of Android. Now, there are dedicated scanners, such as Avast available for removing the problem of malware from the Android based devices. In case of iPhone, there are no cases of malware that are reported since all of them have been jail broken. Hence, it is required to work for the protection of devices from malware.
On the basis of these reasons, it is recommended for some to select iPhone instead of Android based phones. Android devices have certain drawbacks including risks of malware, lack of updates and fragmentation. Therefore, iPhone is considered the best device for the smartphone users that appreciate the responsive user interface. It is a solid sturdy and high quality device providing excellent and smooth performance.

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