Monday, December 17, 2012

Xbox 720 began to unfold.

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Xbox 720 bFinally, after some rumors, the detailed specs of Xbox 720 began to unfold. The latest generation of Microsoft’s console is allegedly to have the name of “Xbox”.
In addition, Microsoft is also going to introduce Kinect 2.0, which is also the latest generation, which will be able to accommodate up to four players.
Microsoft finally uses Blu-ray on game consoles. The other features are the ability to record live TV and 3D audio.
The console is said to be powered quad-core processor, with each core to have four logical cores. So it can be said that the console have the embedded 16 logical cores. 8 GB is used to ensure its performance.
As leaked by Xbox World Magazine, Microsoft will offer a new controller called ‘innovative controller’. This device is claimed to have a different sensation than the Nintendo Wii U controller, despite using the same concept of touch screen display.
As quoted from Megagames on Monday (11/19/2012), the most interesting part of all these leaks is the Microsoft’s next generation console 3D rendering.

Microsoft Xbox 720 Detailed Spec

source: egan to unfold.


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