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Top 5 gadgets releasing in 2013

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According to research by expert analysis, confirmation of the parties involved and a lot of rumors circulating, in 2013, there were at least 5 gadgets expected to be born.
Ranging from Samsung to Huawei reportedly ready to release their new products in the year 2013 forward. These tablets and smartphones is likely released next year.
1. Samsung Galaxy S4
Local online media that Korea Times some time ago had discussed that clandestine Samsung is developing a new product the successor to the Galaxy S III. Items will likely be named the Galaxy S 4 is expected to come in March 2013.
Rumors, the handset screen is larger than the Galaxy S III and comes with a Quad-Core processor. However, shortly after the news about the Galaxy S 4 was outstanding, Samsung is expressly denied. Other news says that the device will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2013 Barcelona ahead.
2. Facebook Smartphone
While Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook is no plans to manufacture handsets, but rumors Facebook smartphone seemed unshakable. Reportedly, Facebook smartphone is in process and will be released mid 2013.
Other news says that the production of this handset, Facebook took the famous smartphone vendor HTC. Not yet known what the operating system will be used on the Facebook smartphone.
3. Sony C650X Odin
Although the Sony has not confirmed at all about this new handset, but several times Odin sightings photos circulating on the internet. The Droid Guy (09/10) has been released that the possibility of Odin will be released simultaneously with the 3 ‘brother’ is serial C6502, C6503 and C6506.
Rumors, Odin will use the Android operating system for the Jelly Bean. It is estimated, Odin will be released around early or mid-2013.
4. Sony Xperia Yuga
Besides Odin, Sony is also rumored to have one more new product of the ‘family’, namely Xperia Yuga. Indeed, until now there has been no confirmation of the truth as some other rumors say that Yuga is another name for Odin.
Reportedly, the handset is equipped with a screen size of 5 inches (1080p), Quad-Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and 2GB RAM. It is estimated, Yuga will be launched in March or April 2013. There are other possibilities, Sony also will show off this one product at CES event next January or MWC next February.
5. Huawei Ascend series

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