Monday, February 18, 2013

SaneBox app quick and easy to send email

Posted by K.NAVNEETHA RAO at 8:29 AM

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Looking for an easy way to organize the e-mails in your overflowing inbox?
SaneBox uses an algorithm to determine which messages are important and which ones can be saved for later.
The crucial messages continue to go into your inbox, while the less-important ones are automatically moved into a SaneLater folder. SaneBox also sends you a digest of the e-mails it’s placed into the SaneLater folder, from which you can specify which messages should go into your inbox. The digest arrives once a day, but you can set it to arrive as often as every hour if you’re afraid of missing something.
You can train SaneBox to understand which e-mails it should place where simply by moving them to different folders. You can also connect SaneBox to your social networks to help it calculate which contacts would send you important e-mails. If there’s a sender you never want to hear from again, you can drag one of their messages into the SaneBlackHole folder, and all future communications from that contact will go into the trash.
If there are messages you’d like to defer responding to, you can drag them into the SaneTomorrow or SaneNextWeek folders, and they’ll reappear in your inbox the next day and the following Monday morning, respectively. You can also set up folders that will defer messages until a future time or date of your choosing.
SaneBox costs $4.95 per month. The company also offers an enterprise service for


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