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AWP Important questions chapter 1 to 9

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Sample Chapter 1

1. Define the following parameters w.r.t antenna: i. Radiation resistance. ii. Beam area. iii. Radiation intensity. iv. Directivity. v. Gain. vi. Isotropic radiator. vii. Directive gain. viii. Hertzian dipole. ix. Power gain. x. Efficiency. xi. Power density. xii. Steradians & radians.
2. With the help of neat diagrams explain the principle of radiation in antennas.
3. Explain the antenna as a transmitting device and as a receiving device.
4. Write a note on radiation pattern and radiation lobes.
5. Draw the radiation pattern of: (i) Directional antenna.   (ii) Isotropic antenna.
6. Explain different types of aperture.
7. Define aperture of an antenna and find its relation with directivity.
 8. Explain effective height of an antenna.
9. Derive FRIIS transmission formula and explain its significance.
10. Derive an expression for power radiated by an isotropic antenna.
 11. Derive the relation between directivity and beam solid angle.
12. Derive the relationship between radiation resistance and efficiency.
 13. Derive an expression for field intensity at a distant point.
14. Write short notes on: (a) Fields of an oscillating dipole      (b) Antenna field zones.
 15. Show that  an isotropic radiator radiating 1 KW power gives a field of 173mv/m at a distance of 1 Km.
16. Find the directivity of an antenna having radiation resistance of 72 Ħ and loss resistance of 12 Ħ and a gain of 20.
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