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How to use Windows Technical Preview - In an effective and safe way.

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From my previous post, if you have downloaded windows 10, I recommened you to go through this article to get the most out of windows 10. 

You have the power

The power button is back – right at the top of the Start menu. 

Power button in the Start menu

Double click on the video for full screen.

What’s on the menu?

The Start menu is back – and it’s more personal, more organised and more fun than before. The full-sized Start screen is here too, and it's easy to switch between them. Your choice.

To get to the Start menu, click the Start button Windows Start button (or press the Start key on your keyboard). Then arrange it however you’d like. Pin folders, contacts and go-to apps. Move and resize tiles or even resize the Start menu itself.

Start menu

Love it? Pin it.

Pin apps to Start to show live updates on what’s happening in your world, like new email, your next appointment or the weekend weather.

Click the Start button Windows Start button, click All Apps, right-click or press and hold the app you want to pin and then click Pin to Start.

To pin a folder, right-click or press and hold it and then click Pin to Start.

Looking for more apps? Learn how to get more from the Store.

Search for anything, anywhere

Search your PC and the web all at once. Simply open the Start menu and type your search – Windows search will do the rest.

You can also open search from the taskbar. Click the Search button Search button on the taskbar and start typing.

Switch to the Start screen

For a roomier view, try using the touch-friendly Start screen in place of the Start menu.

Start screen

To switch between the Start menu and the Start screen

Make sure that you save your work first. You’ll need to sign out of Windows to make this change.

  • Click the Start button Windows Start button, type navigation properties and then click Navigation properties
  • Click the Start menu tab, click Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen and then click OK.

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