Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If you have WIFI Router in your home, You need to go change this setting right now before you get hacked.

Posted by Vishnureddy at 1:28 AM

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Do you know that there is a special interface which you can access and make tons of changes.  

Making use of it will keep you safe as well as makes your internet connection customizable according to your needs. 

Your router default credentials are universal and every one can access it who is in your wifi range. Its not at all advisable to just use your wifi and leave settings in the air.
If a user can get access to your wifi network, he can not only use your wifi but he can access all the stored in your computer and take control of your wifi. 

It always better and safe to change the interface credetials. Other wise somebody who is your wifi zone may steal your wifi and your privacy by invading in to your network without your notice. 

To access your router internal settings follow below steps. 

Go to this ip address ( type in browser adress bar) 

Userid : admin
Passowrd: Leave Blank or admin

if you cant access the above settings. try this method. 

Go to windows command promt by following the instructions given below.

=> Press windows key + R  and enter cmd in it or just type command prompt in your start menu. It should show up. when you open it, you will something like the below picture.

=>Enter ipconfig.

You will see a bunch of different adapters listed. choose your adapter, if you are on wifi it says wifi adapter or for ethernet it says LAN.

Once you choose wifi adapter (highlighted above), you will see a ip address similar to or

Thats your default gateway. Enter that url in your address bar.

Now try again with same user id and password mentioned above. if you still cant access it means your network provider or the guy who set up internet for you has blocked it or assigned a user id and password.

There is also a chance that you might have been already hacked by some one around and they might have changed the access id and password.

Contact your ISP or reset your router rigth away. 

If you need any assitance with resetting the router, please leave a comment.

If you need any assitance with changing degault user id and password please leave a comment below. 

I will follow up and write new articles for them. Leave a comment if you like this post.

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